Sunday, 24 June 2012


Never been to the Cork Jazz Festival, but I have been to Cork. Can't say I have the fondest memories of Cork, but the experience would have definitely be better if I had been staying in a different hotel. If you ever go to Ireland, avoid the Jurys Inn, which is a chain of hotels. I stayed at the ones in Dublin and Cork and both were disappointing, the one in Cork being the worst. There was a pub next to the lobby, which might be a plus for some, but it's definitely a negative when you want to sleep and people are coming back to their room and are too drunk to know which one is theirs and might try opening your door. Unless they did some major refurbishment since I went, I repeat: Avoid the Jurys Inn. 

Now, back to Cork. It's not a city with a "wow" factor like some other cities in Ireland, but it's not a dump either. The Italian restaurant where I remember eating was good and I did see a rainbow while in Cork, which might see a bit cliché in the land of leprechauns, but Ireland's weather allows you to see quite a few rainbows. Indeed, the weather will always be as followed with some variation in the order (spent two weeks in Ireland and it was always like that): cloudy, raining, sunshine. Rain and sunshine following one other or being at the same time is the perfect equation to create a rainbow. Don't expect to find a pot o' gold or a leprechaun at the end of it though. That's just a legend.

Nothing much to say about the outfit. I again went for something green and just built around it to create an outfit I considered would work to attend a jazz concert.

Cork Jazz Festival

Sheer dress
$53 -

Karen Millen summer jacket
$350 -

L.A.M.B. black booties
$355 -

Loree Rodkin leaf ring
£10,000 -

Carolina Bucci yellow gold bangle
$1,531 -

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