Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ma campagne anglaise

Hello my lovelies! So, for this outfit I decided to use a t-shirt and a jean jacket to tone down the lacey skirt as the location is a hotel in the country side. Don't know why the color pink is quite present, I suppose I felt like it. The flower theme found with the flats, handbag and earrings is to reminisce the flowers one usually find in an english garden in the countryside. The flats are also present because of their comfortability and also because i don't imagine anyone walking in heels on grass... in the countryside... in humid England. 

Monday, 26 September 2011

Les sept petits...

Yes, again the english seaside, but decided to avoid a seaside theme in the clothing this time. I decided to go with a cute polkadot dress and wedges. The color of those wedges resembles the pinky beige found on the dress (well, that's the color I get from the picture, may be more pink in real life). The accessories are there to complement the rest of the outfit and the handbag is to give it a spark of originality (and cuteness... admit it, that owl handbag is cute!).

Now, fun fact about the location: The island was the inspiration for Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None". Ok, maybe it's more of a fun fact to someone who actually read the book...

Sunday, 25 September 2011


The location this time is NOT the seaside, thank goodness! It's a palace. So, I decided to go for a dress with lace and a jean jacket with a fancy bow. Yes, I love bows. I have to admit that I'm not that proud of this set as I used a pre-made template (shame on me indeed). Hence why the handbag is a small heart-shaped purse because it fitted in that space. Still goes with the outfit, but would have chosen something else in a normal situation. Oh well, I tried using a pre-made template, didn't like the result and will from now on stop using said templates.

Chatsworth House

Saturday, 24 September 2011

La mer... encore la mer... toujours la mer...

So I'm starting to think that the author of "1000 Places to See Before you Die" may have a thing for the english seaside, which explains why at least 3 outfits in a row have a nautical theme, a bit more present perhaps in this outfit as you might have noticed with the top, the necklace and the ring. The jeans are just my personal obsession and I simply found the handbag original. 

Feel free to comment and enjoy the rest of your day. Oh, nearly forgot to say that I did this set 2 months ago, so not as outdated as the previous ones!

Hotel Tresanton and The Seafood Restaurant

Friday, 23 September 2011

St. Ives

Not much to say about this outfit. It's inspired by the british seaside (again) of St. Ives. The strapless dress is worn over a puffy-sleeved white tee, a perfect way to give your dress another look and for girls who, like me, aren't fond of showing their shoulders too much. The downside, as my mother would put it, is "it makes more laundry!". 

St. Ives

Juicy couture dress
£88 -

Dune roman sandals
$32 -

Juicy couture tote bag
$74 -

Ariella Collection enamel jewelry
$68 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs chain jewelry
$48 -

Alexandra Dillon longs jewelry
$145 -

Miss Selfridge hair accessory
£4 -

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Never thought I'd one day write a title in japanese that would be related to the post... Oh, the title is the kanji for "water" and as you can see, this outfit has a seaside theme. So "water" is an appropriate title.

Anyway, let's talk about the outfit. Both the top and the hand bag evoke the seaside which is, as I said before, the theme. The short and sneakers are fit for the location in the set, especially the sneakers as it's seem to be a rocky seaside. No flip-flops unless you don't mind risking to scratch your feet, but sandals that you are sure will hold on to your feet are ok, though not the comfiest choice (I know!). The simple jewelries are too add a little something to the outfit without being overwhelming. After all, this isn't London's Fashion Week, it's the English seaside.

Penzance and Land's End

Relaxed fit shorts
$44 -

Converse low shoes
£35 -

Madewell jewel necklace
$28 -

Ginette_NY 14k jewelry
$530 -

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Das Gedächtnis!

Hello internet surfers who discovered my blog by mistake... Hello dear readers and welcome to this blog post. The reason why I sound like a TV host or something is because I suck at finding original ways to start a post.

The outfit today features my favorite piece of clothing: the jeans. It goes with everything! Perfect for when you have no idea what to wear to go to school/university and that it's 6am and have no time (nor the motivation) to decide what would go with that cute top you want to wear. Now, if we look carefully, this outfit consists basically of basic colors (offwhite, white, brown, jeans). The only hint of color comes from the Union Jack on the necklace, which is quite small. So, if I had to redo that outfit, I'd probably change the offwhite top for a more colorful one. As for the cami that is present in this outfit, it is simply because the neckline from the top seemed a little too low for me. Otherwise, if you are comfortable with the neckline, the cami is optional.

Have a nice day and I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment (preferably a constructive one) as I need some feedback to know if I'm doing things right and what I could do better.


Under Ligne scoop neck shirt
$98 -

Old navy
$6 -

Blowfish booties
$66 -

Mulberry cross shoulder bag
$1,450 -

Hoolala chain necklace
£38 -