Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tout sur moi

Hello. No, this blog is not in french. The reason the name of my blog is "Five" in french is because french is my first language. As for the title of this post, well it's simply because I have the intention of writing said titles in various languages. 

Not that I speak that many languages. Fact is, I speak french and english and am currently learning german at the university and three other languages on my own. It's just that I usually spend way too much time trying to find a title, so I decided to just write something random in various languages except english. Sometimes it may be related to the post (especially if written in french), but it usually won't. Chances are you won't realize it if you don't speak the language and it will just look fancy, which isn't a bad thing when you write about... Wait for it...

FASHION! Yup, another blog about fashion. So unoriginal, right? Wrong. No two blogs are alike, especially when it comes to fashion as there are so many possibilities. But, since most people make the assumption that when you've seen one fashion blog you've seen them all, here's what make my blog different (at least from the ones I read). First, no pictures of me. Ever.  Second, no inspirational pictures from magazines or random websites. Now, you probably wonder where is going to be the fashion. Simple: Polyvore sets. That I'll create all by myself, do not worry. Why? As much as I love designer stuff, I can't afford it. Therefore, by using Polyvore, I can create outfits without spending a dime and without taking pictures of myself. Oh, and I'll also talk about traveling, my trips to be more precise, as I rarely bring my laptop with me and those kind of posts will explain why I haven't blogged for awhile (other reason for that might be that I'm studying like crazy for exams, but won't blog about that.)

Finally, the reason behind my blog's name. It is a number associated to my favorite designer in the fashion world and to myself in my family (born the 5th of the 5th month at 5:50am). 

That's about it for now. Oh, and for the ones enjoying FNO tonight, have fun (In Montreal = no FNO for me).
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