Monday, 12 September 2011

Ich bin höflich

Hello there! So yesterday was the commemoration of quite a tragic day, hence why my first official fashion post is today. I did think of doing it yesterday until I realized which day we were. 9/11/01 for the ones who might have forgotten (don't think it's possible to forget such an event, but you never know). 

Anyway, here is my first set for this blog. I'll admit it, I've created that set nearly a year ago, but I have a good explanation. See, I decided to get inspiration for my sets from travel books and I decided to start with "1000 Places to See before You Die", starting with the first destination in that book. That was a year ago and since then I've been busy studying clipping stuff on Polyvore and thinking about creating this blog. So, even tho you may not be available to find these exact same clothes in stores or online, you can still be inspired as pink dresses, white cardigans and brown boots are still around.

Now, the explanation for this outfit. As you probably see from those picture, Cliveden is an old villa, so I decided to go with an old-pink colored dress as I thought it would fit very well with all the green in the garden. The white cardigan fits the color of the dress and reminds us that it is England and God knows it can get chilly. The boots are Burberry, therefore very british, and perfect if it's start to rain as I did say it was in England, didn't I? The handbag was chosen mainly because of it's color which is a neutral and goes with everything during any season (I know, I have one that is the exact same color) which is perfect for the british weather. As for the accessories, I just thought they complemented well the outfit and the headband is simply because I had recently read "Alice in Wonderland" and just couldn't resist adding a headband with a bow to the outfit.


Forever21 knit dress
$28 -

Juicy Couture ruffle cardigan
€98 -

Burberry Brit leather shoes
£330 -

Marc by marc jacobs handbag
$498 -

Lenora Dame cuff bracelet
$65 -

Promise ring
$179 -

Heart pendant
£10 -

L Erickson hair bow accessory
$28 -

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