Sunday, 18 September 2011

Das Gedächtnis!

Hello internet surfers who discovered my blog by mistake... Hello dear readers and welcome to this blog post. The reason why I sound like a TV host or something is because I suck at finding original ways to start a post.

The outfit today features my favorite piece of clothing: the jeans. It goes with everything! Perfect for when you have no idea what to wear to go to school/university and that it's 6am and have no time (nor the motivation) to decide what would go with that cute top you want to wear. Now, if we look carefully, this outfit consists basically of basic colors (offwhite, white, brown, jeans). The only hint of color comes from the Union Jack on the necklace, which is quite small. So, if I had to redo that outfit, I'd probably change the offwhite top for a more colorful one. As for the cami that is present in this outfit, it is simply because the neckline from the top seemed a little too low for me. Otherwise, if you are comfortable with the neckline, the cami is optional.

Have a nice day and I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment (preferably a constructive one) as I need some feedback to know if I'm doing things right and what I could do better.


Under Ligne scoop neck shirt
$98 -

Old navy
$6 -

Blowfish booties
$66 -

Mulberry cross shoulder bag
$1,450 -

Hoolala chain necklace
£38 -

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