Saturday, 22 December 2012

Rouge vin

Today's look is perfect for mild winter or, in the case of Canada, autumn. Wouldn't I just love a winter where you can get temperatures such as 12°C (around 53-54°F). Oh well, at least I'll have a white Christmas.

Now back to the outfit. As you might have notice, the central color of this look is red. There are red details in the pattern of the dress, the tights are red and the handbag is also red. I think this look is perfect to visit little villages in Burgundy. I just realized now that burgundy is also a shade of red, which gives some sense to the colour theme of today's outfit, but I swear it wasn't consciously planned.


Louche tshirt dress
$89 -

Chattawak top
$20 -

Lulu guinness

CHEMINS BLANCS Manteau laine vierge Kaki
$515 -

CAROLL Bottines cuir Noir
$180 -


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