Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gigantesque et délicate

For today's location, I decided to go for a holiday look. I know we are not the 25th yet, but chances are that I'll be to busy with Christmas stuff to write a blog post on that day. Since today's location is a cathedral, I thought it was the perfect occasion to create a holiday outfit. The dress might be a little short for church, but I added black tights to make it a little more decent. Anyway, I have seen worse. I know the outfit is quite black except for the bright red coat, but that's because the dress is so sparkly that I felt the accessories needed to be a bit more neutral, but the gold of the clutch adds a nice metallic touch to the outfit. 

Oh, and for the one who go to church in the morning on the 25th and find it weird that I mention church for such an evening look, well, in Quebec, we go to church in the evening of the 24th. It is what we called the "Réveillon". So after the church ceremony, we go back to the house of a family member and we get our gifts and eat plenty of food. I'm not sure though if this tradition is only done by Quebec catholics or by all catholics, so if you know something about it, feel free to leave a comment. As for the 25th, well, we get some more gifts in the morning and we celebrate again in the evening. Well, that's how it is in my family, as I know some take the 25th to relax after the party of the 24th.

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