Wednesday, 19 September 2012


As you can easily imagine, today's location inspired me to create a winter look. Just look at the picture at the top with an enormous quantity of snow. Gives me shivers just to see it. Even if these two towns are skiing location I did not create a skiing look. So I went for a fur coat (For PETA fans, vegans, vegetarians and anyone else who might be concerned: Get over it and go for fake fur and let others make their own choices) because it keeps you very warm. The boots are their for practicality as I do not recommend high-heeled boots where there is snow. One might slip and fall... and potentially break something. Looking fashionable is important, but not at the expense of one's health. 

So I also added tights and a hat to keep yourself warm. The dress is there to add a splash of color when you open up your coat when you are inside. I chose that handbag because it was dark and went with the rest of the outfit, but also because the colourful detail added another hint of colour to the outfit.

Lech and Kitzbühel

Azzedine Alaia grey coat
$10,860 -

$39 -

Helene Berman wool beanie
$81 -

Chanel handbag

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