Saturday, 1 September 2012

Clochán an Aifir

I created this outdoorsy look to go with today's location located in Northern Ireland: Giant's Causeway. Because there must be some climbing to do to explore it, I figured a comfy and practical outfit was more adequate. But who said comfy and practical couldn't look cute? Certainly not me and that's why I went for this Juicy Couture tee, the ankle socks with the little bow in the back, the straw hat, the pink sneakers and the cute bug earrings. I can't describe the backpack as cute, but it isn't ugly either and it sure is very practical when doing outdoor activities.

Giant's Causeway

Juicy Couture print t shirt
$87 -

Uniqlo denim shorts
$7.77 -

Cotton socks

H&M leather shoes
$24 -

Drawstring bag
$230 -

Straw hat

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