Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mixed inspiration for this set. Both the olympics and the location inspired me. The outfit goes with the countryside location while most of the colors go with the olympics. The white and red represent of course the colors of Canada and of two other countries I support (Japan and Switzerland). Don't worry, I also root for team GB. After all, they are hosting the games and, as a Canadian, the Vancouver games experience is still fresh in my memory and I think the UK should have the same experience.

The ring represents the bronze medal, which the Canada has 4 of, and the sneakers have a bit of gold and silver sparkles, so you can guess what they represent. I created this set before Canada won it's silver medal in rowing, so the shoes weren't chosen because of that. Anyway, congrats Team Canada!


H M button shirt
$13 -

CYCLE hot short shorts
$68 -

Nike trainer
$71 -

Knapsack bag

Pamela Love bronze ring

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