Sunday, 13 November 2011

Je vais à Londres, je vais faire du cinéma...

Hello! First, for the one who understand french and are wondering about the title, that's part of the lyrics of a song that used to be popular in Quebec. Now, the outfit. I have to admit that I mainly built it around the hat. I was looking for a city feeling, but most particularly, a London feeling (of course!) with that outfit. I liked the bohemian side of the bracelet, the cuteness and chicness of the dress, the color and coolness of the boots and the fierceness of the handbag.  As for the tights, it's because it's usually chilly in London (except in the Underground stations, where it can be very stuffy, even when it's chilly outside).


TopShop star dress
$110 -

Miss Selfridge black tight
£12 -

Emilio Pucci leather high heels
$1,240 -

Yves Saint Laurent leopard bag
£2,115 -

Coin jewelry
$25 -

Rag Bone floppy brim hat
$150 -

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