Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sehr britisch...

So, all the major fashion weeks are over. Haven't seen all the shows yet (well, the pictures) since I waited for all of them to be over as my app doesn't show the fashion shows by cities, only by seasons. So new ones kept appearing in the alphabetical order and I kinda started to loose track of the one I had seen and the one I hadn't seen. Anyway, for what I observed, the spring colors vary between pastel, vivid colors and dark colors including black. As for Montreal's Fashion Week (yes, we have our own fashion week), I tried to find picture but they are nowhere to be found. Would have liked to talk about it, just to not be "another fashion blogger talking about New York, London, Milan and Paris". Before I talk about today's outfit, I just want to say that the Chanel collection is amazing! 

Now, today's outfit: very simple look with the presence of my obsession (bows!). The Vivienne Westwood jacket is to add a bit of color to this pretty neutral outfit and also to add some "britishness" to the clothes and accessories coming mainly from Japan or the US. The plaid of the jacket is also very british.

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