Thursday, 5 April 2012


Nobody really knows who built Stonehenge (druids, aliens (highly doubt about that)) and why it was built (solar or lunar temple, some sort of solar calendar). All we know is that it's there and that it is quite amazing. In this look, only the accessories have something with the who and why of Stonehenge. The handbag with the appearance of an old book and the simple gold ring are there to go with the druid theory, while the star earrings are there to go with the alien theory and the solar/lunar temple theory. The rest of the outfit is very casual, to be comfy when you visit this historical site.


Juicy Couture t shirt
$78 -

Motorcycle jacket
$90 -

Notify mid rise straight leg jeans
$340 -

Oversized handbag
$55 -

Linda Lee Johnson gold ring
$4,450 -

$85 -

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