Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wingardium Leviosa!

Hello! Long time no see! Very sorry for that. Was busy with the holidays, with my trip to WDW (Walt Disney World) and with the winter semester starting. So now I'm back and I start the year with a set that has for location two famous british universities, hence the very academic look. It does look like a school uniform, but I added the leopard-print ankle boots, the necklace and the shiny hairclip (doesn't look that shiny I know) to add a lil something to an otherwise very schooly (if not boring) look. I can't help it as I spent a good part of my life attending a private school (with a uniform). I don't wear a uniform anymore, but that period is still a part of me.

PS: Yes, I know I said I would post pictures of my trips, but I don't really take that much pics when I'm in WDW. I have better things to do to be honest. Anyway, if you do go to Orlando to visit WDW and are a fan of Harry Potter but have no time to visit Universal or simply find the one-day pass too expensive (seriously, the one-day pass at Universal is more expensive than the Disney one), don't worry as there is a Universal store at Orlando International Airport with loads of Harry Potter merchandise. 

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